Direct Server Connection e.g.;

(Using the Cloud Connector Relay is NOT supported for the mapped drive client)

Download Latest Windows Mapped Drive Client  

Windows Prerequisites

MyWorkDrive Server 3.1 or higher, Windows 7-10

Download Latest Mac Mapped Drive Client

    Download previous version here 1.1.201

Mac Prerequisites

MyWorkDrive Server 4.0 or higher

MAC OS 10.11 El Capitan or higher

OSXFUSE framework: Download it here

Mapped Drive Features

  • Optimized for MyWorkDrive Servers for blazing fast file transfers and listings without WebDAV
  • Directory caching
  • Very large directory support - support for file servers with 1000's of sub-folders
  • Large file support with chunked upload/download
  • File Locking
  • Remote Access Size Limit Enforcement
  • DUO Two Factor Authentication ( Enterprise License Required )



Download and complete setup.  If needed setup will install .net 4.5.1 ( Windows 7 PC's ).   


Download zip, extract and complete setup.  Launch MyWorkDrive from applications.


Login using your MyWorkDrive web address, Use My Current Credentials ( for domain joined PC's) or type Username and Password:

Optional:  Click "Remember Me" to save your username and password and "Map at Startup" to map your MyWorkDrive on system restart.

Windows Logoff: Locate the MWD icon in the system tray, right mouse click and choose log off.


IT Administrator Windows Scripted Install Notes

Mapper Client Installation Scripting Options

-y    Turns on silent extraction (7Zip)
-q    Turns on silent installation of MWD mapper client.

Example: MyWorkDrive-Client-Windows-3-1-0-.exe -y -q

Mapper Client Command Line Launch Options

-s    <yourMWDServerURL>This is your Server URL
-u    “current” or “username”. “current” uses current credential to login to mapper client for domain joined pc's only.  “username” allows user to input their own credentials into mapper client.
-d    Drive letter to be used.

-q    Silently map the drive ( when used in combination with -u current

Example - maps drive T using currently logged in domain credentials to your server address without prompting:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wanpath\MyWorkDrive-Client-Windows\MyWorkDrive.Client.Windows.Desktop\MyWorkDrive.Client.Windows.Desktop.exe" -s -u current -d T -q

Example - Specify the server address and drive letter "T" only - the user would only need to enter their username and password:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wanpath\MyWorkDrive-Client-Windows\MyWorkDrive.Client.Windows.Desktop\MyWorkDrive.Client.Windows.Desktop.exe" -s -d T 

Known Issues & Pending Enhancements

  • MyWorkDrive is not terminal server/remote desktop server aware at this time and should not be run on a shared server environment
  • Adobe graphics design products - InDesign, Creative Suite, etc are not supported when using our mapped drive client or any network drives - See Adobe Article.  
  • Like any remote access solution, when remotely editing files through the mapped drive use caution and ensure there is adequate bandwidth.  System administrators can limit file size on the admin panel.
  • The "Use Current Credentials" option will not function when MyWorkDrive is installed on a Windows Domain Controller (this is due to how Windows handles impersonation and authentication).
  • To "Use Current Credentials" option when shares are not located directly on the MyWorkDrive (MWD) server, delegation must be setup in Active directory on the MyWorkDrive server:  See our delegation article here.

Release notes: Mac

Version 1.1.2

-Added feedback when path limits reached on saving files

-Support for MWD Server 4.0.1 or higher

Version 1.1

-Added Support for Server Version 4.0.1 and higher

Version 1.0


Release notes: Windows

-  Adjust login screen for mapped drive - remove "cloud drive"
-  Fix issues with copying file with alternate data stream info
-  Provide better feedback when 255 Character path limit reached
- Add Warning when creating a folder in r/o share using mapped drive
- Provide better feedback when attempting to delete a file in read-only share using mapped drive client
- Fix file already exists, when a file with long file name is uploaded.
- Handle exception thrown by the API when path is longer than 255 characters in MWD Client


- Setup Error running setup on upgrade if already running and new setup runas another user
- Cannot install updates when MWD desktop client is already running
- Help, About, Version pop up box not centered

Version 4.0

-Update cache to fix open recent file issue - if file/directory information isn't available in cache then application pulls it from MWD server and updates cache
-Update to force Microsoft Office to show message that file is locked for editing by another user (docx, xlsx, pptx)

-Fixed issues displaying files when share name has space (for example: Server Share): Note adding share names with a space is no longer allowed in version 4

-Changed Name of program file directory to MappedDriveClient.Windows.Desktop for branding.

Version 3.0.0
- Fixed issue when logging in with same username/password but different domain
- Speed & Performance Enhancements

- Added DUO Two Factor Authentication

Version 3.1.0

- Speed enhancements

- Checking "Map at Startup" will automatically check "Automatically Run when I log on to Windows”
- Login button in mapper client is now default button (pressing enter will call Login button)
- Fix for authentication module
- DUO authentication change, samAccountName is always used to authenticate against DUO
- Fixed issue with "Use my current credentials" login when domain name and user's UPN suffix don't match

Version 3.1.3

- Fixed issue when user cannot launch Mapper Client after install as non-admin

- Fixed issue with auto launch on startup on Windows 10

Version 3.2.0
- Fixed issue with Lower/Upper case letters when starting with parameters
- Added SSL Certificate Error Message
- Added Warning message for using (relay)

Version 3.2.03

-fixed share name with a space (for example: Server Share)

-fixed issue writing files to folder with a "+" character in folder name

-added support for random file writes with Adobe Acrobat