MyWorkDrive Enterprise licensees have the option of enabling our data loss prevention feature to assist them in their compliance requirements.   MyWorkDrive does not require syncing of files to enable access which assists firms in their compliance requirements and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).    Data loss prevention in MyWorkDrive additionally allows the system administrator to prevent casual downloading and public sharing of files on a Global, Share, Group or User basis.  Data loss prevention does not prevent copy/paste, printing or downloading of PDF documents opened in browser - this scenario is akin to taking screen captures or photos of the computer screen; a motivated bad actor won’t be thwarted by a disabled clipboard or printer blocking.   Shares made available in MyWorkDrive with Data Loss Prevention enabled prevents external sharing of all file types while still allowing office documents to be edited in Office Online.  PDF files can be viewed using the right mouse click option "View in browser".  

To enable data loss prevention:  Enable the feature under Advanced Settings:

To Globally Prevent Downloads after enabling the feature, check the "Globally Prevent Downloads" box.

To prevent downloads at the share level edit an existing or create a new share and uncheck "enable download"

To prevent downloads at the user or group level (requires share is enabled for download at the Global or Share level), Remove or Add user to the Enable Download Box:

To allow a user to download even though they are prevented at the Group level on a share add the user to the share and enable download.  Any user specific permissions will take precedence over group permissions.

In the example below user "demo" is enabled download even though download is disabled at the group level (demo user is a member of the domain users group):