MWD Server Software Requirements & Known Issues

  • Domain Joined Server running Windows 2008r2-2016 - Ideally a fresh clean virtual machine running Windows 2012r2
  • Internet access on the server running MyWorkDrive to activate and initialize the software.
  • Server must be part of a windows active directory domain, Ideally a member server ( although it may be installed on a domain controller as well for small businesses).
  • If not installed directly on the Windows file server, The Server or Workstation where MyWorkDrive is installed should be on the same LAN as the Windows file server for best performance
  • We do not support installing MyWorkDrive on a server that is running Small Business Server, Microsoft Exchange, IIS or any software that include IIS .net components.
  • If using Internet Explorer on the Windows File Server as default browser to manage MyWorkDrive, IE ESC must be off.  Chrome Browser Preferred.
  • MWD Server requires internet access or outgoing access to MyWorkDrive license servers at & on port 443
  • New Shares Not Displaying for Users in Web File Manager
  • An old password or permissions still works after you change it in active directory for 15 minutes
  • Windows Search integration optimized for 1-2 TB maximum.  3rd Party support for dtsearch enterprise search available for enterprise licensees.
  • We do not support opening Office files directly on a domain controller (file locks are not handled properly).

Mapped Drive Client

  • * (using our relay server) is not supported except for demo purposes (direct connection using your own domain name and SSL Certificate is required)
  • Windows 7-10 supported (no support for MAC: See WebDAV)
  • Like any remote access solution, when remotely editing files through the mapped drive use caution and ensure there is adequate bandwidth.  System administrators can limit file size on the admin panel.
  • "Use Current Credentials" option will not function when MyWorkDrive is installed on a Windows Domain Controller (this is due to how Windows handles impersonation and authentication).
  • To "Use Current Credentials" option when shares are not located directly on the MyWorkDrive (MWD) server, delegation must be setup in Active Directory on the MyWorkDrive server:

Web File Manager Browser requirements & limitations

  • IE 10+
  • Firefox 7+
  • Safari 4+
  • Chrome 4+
  • MAC – edit documents online only (no direct local edit)
  • Firefox does not support folder upload
  • Office 365 Business account is required to edit Office Documents online (viewing does not require an Office 365 Business Account)
  • Edge browser does not allow downloading of files directly to mapped drive ( known issue with Edge browser)


  • If an office file is opened via WebDAV, MWD locks write access to the file
  • No support for two-factor authentication
  • WebDAV is slower than MyWorkDrive Browser, Mapped Drive and Mobile Clients
  • Windows & Mac built in WebDAV clients are not recommended


  • Only view, upload, and download are supported through the mobile app, edit is available in Mobile Office apps by adding "MyWorkDrive" as a place
  • Does not support integration with Mobile Device Management software for the Configuration of the Login URL

Office Online & OneDrive

  • MWD requires a public web address when viewing or editing documents online (using internal Intranet web address is not supported)
  • External Sharing requires free or paid OneDrive account
  • Office Online Edit of newly created documents on the local file server take 1 minute or more to be editable
  • Office Online can't open 0KB Word document in O365 (created  in mapper client), files must have content.