MyWorkDrive File Web Access Browser Usage



MyWorkDrive provides secure, fast and simple file web access to your company work files saved on Windows file servers. Our Cloud Web File Access interface provides easy remote access capabilities for accessing work files using any web browser.

Browser Requirements:

For maximum compatibility we recommend the following browser clients:

IE 10+

Firefox 7+

Safari 4+

Chrome 4+

Open in OS feature:  IE 10+

Features Include:

•Secure Web File Manager provides access to files from any browser

•Browse Files by Date, Size, Type or Name

•Drag and Drop file upload with multiple files/folders support

•Direct editing of office documents online – When office is installed on your PC, simply double click to edit office documents online and save back to the server.

•Files and folders upload with very large file support

•Search Files and content with Windows Search Service integration

•File and folder upload progress bar

Edit documents online with Office 365, and collaborate at the same time
•File locking - when editing a file in desktop office, file is locked from others so that they cannot edit the file at the same time. They are notified when you are done editing

•Share internally and externally using OneDrive

•Download multiple files as Zip folder

•Optionally: Use DUO two-factor authentication

•Optionally: Integrate with ADFS single sign-on

Web File Access Usage:


Connect to your MyWorkDrive server by launching your browser and enter your server address provided by your administrator – typically


Login using the same username and password that you use to login on your work PC.


Once you login, a listing of shares will appear. If your administrator has enabled home drive support note a home.yourname folder will appear along the listing of file shares.


The menu bar and right mouse click provides access to numerous options as you navigate folders and files including upload, download, cut, paste, rename and item properties.


When using Internet Explorer an additional option appears – “Open in OS” - This option opens the current location in Windows Explorer like a mapped drive (Java and additional authentication required).

File Size Limits:


If your system administrator has configured maximum file size limits a message will be displayed if you attempt to upload or download any files larger than the set limit. Contact your system administrator for details.