The cloud connector enables client’s MyWorkDrive Servers to be reached from the internet without installing a local SSL Certificate, creating a host name or opening any inbound firewall ports.  The cloud connector functions by relaying through our redundant Microsoft Azure Service Bus, Load Balancers and Relay Servers.  

Each server connects to our back end through the “MyWorkDrive Port Bridge” service.  This service must be running to allow connectivity for end users through our relay service.   Our service is designed to monitor connectivity, log any errors and automatically reconnect as needed should there any loss of connectivity.  If our service can’t reconnect within 15 minutes, assuming the service is running, we issue a service restart. All errors are logged under C:\ProgramData\WANPATH\PortBridgeAgent

For additional technical details see our reference guide at https://www.myworkdrive.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/MyWorkDrive-Technical-Overview1.pdf




Step 1:  Ensure the local site is running by connecting to  If there are any issues check and restart IIS services as needed or run “IISreset” from the command line

Step 2: Ensure the “MyWorkDrive Port Bridge” Service is up and running – start or restart as needed - this will only start if Office 365 editing or cloud connector is enabled on the MWD admin panel

Step 3:  Review the cloud connector status on the admin panel – login to the admin panel at   Click the settings tab, under Cloud web Connector click Refresh – note any change in status

Other items to review: 

Review the server system and application logs for errors – check for any server or service shutdowns. 

Review the LAN interface card settings on the server – ensure sleep is disabled on the card.

Review your ISP connectivity – check for any outage in your area

Review Antivirus software – ensure any antivirus software is not blocking our service

Review and Firewalls and ensure outbound ports are not blocking Azure communication on ports: 443, 5671,9350-9354 -  see our firewall settings article for full details.




Open a support ticket

Send us your log files:  From the MyWorkDrive Control Panel, click “Collect” to send us your system logs.  Email support@wanpath.com to report the issue and include your Device ID ( from the Control Panel ) and other details on the issue.