MWD Server version 4.0.3:
- Fixed display issue for licenses used last 30 days/all time
- Allow file locking without delegation enabled to remote share
- Admin panel download/upload zip file timeout setting added
- Admin panel ENTERPRISE menu loading times improvements
- Default windows domain now used when logging on to Admin Panel

MWD Server version 4.0.2

- Improve relay O365 status placement when cloud connector is enabled

- Fix issues with support for variables in share paths when ADFS used to login

- Fix issues with Outlook online attachments when ADFS used to login

- Update Office Online integration to support FIPS compliant algorithm

- Changed file lock timeout to 5 minutes if file not unlocked and user disconnected (was 1 hour)

- Added customization option for mapped drive download prompt location in web browser client

- Added option to require ADFS Login url use only in web browser client

MWD Server version 4.0.1:
- Fixed Customer unable to open docs in office 365 file permission read issue when ADFS used
- Licenses used last 30 days/all time change to show in admin panel for all license types
- added 3 - 30 second retries for slower servers to complete uninstall when upgrading
- folders with special characters and sending attachments in Outlook online - fixed
- User "system" is showing as user in mwd logs accessing files/shares (ADFS) - fixed
- ADFS Setup on clean server: error - object not set to an instance of any object - fixed

MWD Server version 4.0

- Used Licenses - All Time add to licenses usage
- MyWorkDrive Service - Recovery - Restart the Service automatically

- Added additional relay monitoring auto-connect functionality to server
- Fixed issue default language on web client manager login page not displaying proper language before login

- Added new API functions to support Mac Mapped Drive client

- Fixed issues added/changing users on already added share

- Allow customizing login and web client pages: Enterprise license required

- Added warning when uploading files/folders in web client exceeding maximum path length of 255 characters

- Add Option to Disable Public sharing on/off even if download is allowed

- Update DUO save settings to verify configuration

- Add support for Visio files in office online - now supported

- Share Externally, Using Outlook Online added to Web Client

- Remove Search wording and magnifier if not enabled

- Added support for variables when adding share (for example: \\servername\home\%username%)

MWD Server version

- Mapped drive: Added support for saving PDF with Adobe software ('sequential writing' replaced with 'random writing')

MWD Server version

- Fixed problem with lock info message shown when opening Office files from mapped client.

MWD Server version
- Fixed 'random cloud connector site name when Office 365 edit enabled without utilizing cloud connector

MWD Server version
- Fixed 'Download as zip' issues for larger files by adding additional buffering 

MWD Server version
- MWD Service - changed waiting time from 20 seconds to 60 seconds to allow server restore all resources after start/reboot on slower servers

MWD Server version
- MWD Service - fixed license issues when checking license status

MWD Server version
- MWD Service -  updated application to better handle license errors on initialization

MWD Server version 3.2.0
- Completely Updated Web File Manager Interface
- Added Previous Versions Web Restores
- Download to OneDrive within Web File Manager added
- Server supports running with without TLS 1.0 for locked down environments
- Web Client - Added download as zip on toolbar
- dtSearch integration
- Web Client - fix for not showing default logo
- Added more details to log files
- Port Bridge - Updated port bridge windows service on MWD server to monitor MWD site and Office Online
- Web Client - fix when Folders won't upload using drag & drop or Upload if they are empty
- Logging - RefreshLicense error is logged as warning
- Admin Panel - support for two types of license key (full, short).
- Admin Panel - Settings: if MWD site is disabled then configured site name is visible (last configured site name)
- Web Client - Fixed DUO 2FA Page to show custom logo if specified
- Admin panel: updated to automatically enable ‘cloud web connector’ on enter new license (if cloud web connector was automatically disabled by license)
- web client - fixed 'license unknown' on login page after restart for serveral minutes
- web client - fixed external share functionality
- web client - implemented pop-up to install mapper client when editing document
- Setup checks/installs .NET 4.6

MWD Server version 3.1.0


- New feature - enable/disable download by user/group (data loss prevention)

- Web Client - Added new functionality for external sharing (Email share) using OneDrive

- Allow trial access Enterprise features: ADFS & SSO, Two Factor Authentication, Data Loss Prevention

- Added new licenses types: Enterprise 50, 100, 200 (task 1052)

- Now user can be logged in with the same username at the same time in mapper client and web client

- Admin Panel - Disabled/Enabled buttons changed to On/Off
- Web Client - Added redirect to app store when mobile client is detected
- Status of cloud web connector for Office Online (up/down) is monitored from our relay servers
- Web client - message changed for online edit in web client
- Fixed licensing for expired license ('Cloud web connector' and 'Office 365 Online Edit' are grayed out) (task 1048)
- Fixed licensing issue (if license is downgraded then the license file is cleared) (task 1048)
- Fixed licensing issue (number of allowed users after downgrade license)
- Web client - pop-up 'Download disabled' is displayed on user login (task 1039)
- Web Client - Hidden "Open folder in file manager" in tree view context menu
- Web Client - Fixed save file name issue when file is downloaded (encoded file name issue)
- Web Client - Updated error message for firefox folder upload
- Updated MWD to support two types of authentication (root MWD site - basic authentication, child MWD site - windows authentication)
- Updated MWD licensing
- Admin Panel - Fix (IE11) - enable/disable feature 'cloud web connector'
- Admin Panel - Fixed share grid coluns width
- Added message at the end of server setup: "Reboot server to complete setup"
- Admin panel - feature 'ADFS & SSO' is enabled only for Enterprise and Partner license
- Web Client - if download is disabled then ‘Share Externally’ is grayed out (top menu, right mouse click)
- Web Client - Issues when same user logged into mapped drive and web clients at same time
- Web Client - if download is disabled then ‘Share Externally’ is grayed out (top menu, right mouse click)
- Admin panel - advanced settings - updated 'Global Prevent Downloads' to 'Globally Prevent Downloads'
- Updated MWD to support two types of authentication (root MWD site - basic authentication, child MWD site - windows authentication)
- WebClient - Fixed issue with Mapper Client logging in using "Use my current credentials"

- Admin Panel - Fixed issue with Cloud web connector Enable/Disable button not working in Chrome & Firefox

- WebClient - Fixed issue - Browser Login with email address/upn suffix fails with DUO Two Factor

- WebClient - Double click changed behavior open office document to open online instead of locally in webclient when office 365 editing enabled

Version  3.0.0

- Admin panel - Added Configuration Wizard

- Web Client - Performance optimizations

- Web Client - Changed error message when file/folder was copied to read only folder

- Web Client - Changed error message when trying to edit read only file in Office365

- Web Client - fixed login without domain name (is not case sensitive)

- Web Client - Fix for blocking file upload whe file size exceeds limit - now it won't create file with size of 0KB

- Admin panel - added translations for French, German and Spanish

- MWD server updated to keep configuration using Installation Id

- Service - Updated licensing configuration and logging

- Installer - fixed issues with displaying error message

- Web Client - fixed sorting bug in Edge browser

Version 2.2.003.
- Fixed Partner-3 license - enabled Branding page (MWD Admin panel - Branding) (#846 Partner-3 License does not grant access to enterprise features)

- Web Client - fixed login without domain name (is not case sensitive)

Version 2.2.002.
- Improved selection of ADFS certificate (token-signing) if detected more than one valid certificate (#823 ADFS Error on 2.2.000)

Version 2.2.001.
- Fixed bug related to upgrading license from Trial (activate license key) (#811 Invalid license code)

New Features:
- TwoFactor DUO authentication integration
- Office 365 Online - functionality to edit/co-edit office documents online
- Internal File Sharing link functionality enhancements with Office 365 Online Co-Editing
- Added support for Windows autentication for MyWorkDrive Mapped Drive client (logon using current credentials)
- Added option to enable/disable use of Mapper Client in Admin application (Advanced Settings)
- Https bindings are now preserved for WebClient site after updating MWD server
- MyWorkDrive Mapped Drive Client for Windows 1.0 released
Fixes & Enhancements:
- Fix for WebClient - Share button not functioning the same as right mouse click
- Fix for WebClient - Move Share on Menu up and remove "versions" in Context menu
- Fix for WebClient - Pause upload not working
- Fix for WebClient - Fixed local lock; Fixed saving (Office Online/Desktop)
- Updated MWD website configuration to increase max length of URL (1024 characters) (task 739)
- added new license Partner-3 to the MWD server
- Web client API - improved performance regarding saving documents
- updated error handling for ADS (alternate data streams) to check upload file on Linux machine (without ADS)
- Fix for max URL length in web client (1024)
- Fixed Office 365 Online bug - After authenticating to edit a document in 0365 wrong url returned
- Fixed Office 365 Online bug - Opening share link results in HTTP Error 404.0 Not Found
- Fixed Office 365 Online bug - Clicking Share link when editing document in office 365 online creates an error
- Fixed Office 365 Online bug - When office file is open in mapped drive client file is marked as locked in web client but can still be opened in office online edit mode
- Added feedback when Office 365 Online enabled in Admin application or status when operational
- Update Context Help when highlighting an office document
- Updated MWD to support Linux/Samba File Servers: replaced ADS (alternate data streams) with XML file
- Added 2FA settings in Admin application (Advanced Settings)
- Updated MWD software to get edition from licensing service
- MWD Control Panel - removed link for web client application
- Removed "Open folder in OS" on right mouse click in web client
- Fix for File not locked when ADS used for SAMBA Servers and Office 365 Online Editing
- Fix for opetion to use my current credentials in mapper client and with WebDAV
- Fix for WebDav and windows authentication support
- Fixed encoding issue with file names and branding
- On MacOS office documents are opened online instead of edited locally in browser
- Fix for WebDav and Windows authentication support for WebDav Navigator
- Fix for OFfice 2016 prompting login when editing file from web client
- Fixed issue when searching AD users in Admin Panel - no longer limited to 1000 users
- Fixed bug with showing file after upload has been cancelled
- Fixed locking issues that prevent saving documents
- Added pop-up message when opening read-only office online documents
- Fixed sharing functionality when 2FA is enabled
- Disabled unnecessary buttons in ribbon for root folder in web client
- Disabled unnecessary actions on right mouse click on root folder in web client
- Fix for deleting folders in web client.

Version 2.1.045
- Fix for "View online" - problem with showing old cached version after editing document
- Fix for Search not working in web client
- Fix for "Download as zip" - problem with corrupt file

Version 2.1.044.
- Share functionality in web client to share and internal link
- New option to customize session timeout in advanced settings of admin panel
- Localization of back office messages in admin panel
- Fix - search now includes user home folders
- "Restart Now" button will be shown in installer if restart is required
- New security option on login screen to define browser session duration depending if computer is public of private

Version 2.1.043.
- Fix - Removed background url linking on login page
- Admin Panel - option to enable/disable fields on the Branding page according to current license
- Fix - disabled checking if 'windows search' is enabled for all shares (to improve speed of listing root folders)

Version 2.1.041
- Logoff button wording
- Branding tab on Admin application
- Login page branding
- Customized Help page url
- Better logo sizing on admin panel
- Improved speed of listing for network shares

Version 2.1.039
- Image preview functionality added to web client
- Fix for downloading files when ADFS is used
- Login page now displays message if license is expired or in trial
- PDF preview functionality in web client on right mouse click
- Fix for download button not working in web client
- Fix for WebDAV drive mappings case sensitivity in share name when using software

Version 2.1.038

- ‘Office 365 Online Edit’ placeholder for future is added to Admin Panel
- Fix for missing resources in Admin Panel
- Fix for downloading files with special characters
- Fix - WebDAV drive mappings are no longer case sensitive
- Improved listing time for large directories
- Fix for open/download file for ADFS authentication

Version 2.1.037

- Fixed Webclient issues loading in Mozilla Firefox 50 and higher

Version 2.1.036

- Added Support for installing on Windows 2016 Server

Version 2.1.035

- Improved search - skip inaccessible files

- Installer - Pop up warning before starting .net 4.5.1 setup

- Installer - start automatically MWD setup after reboot because of .net 4.5.1 installation

- Installer - start automatically default Internet browser and open MWD admin panel after reboot because of MWD configuration

Version 2.1.034

- Replaced AjaxFileBrowserService.svc WCF service with WebAPI calls.

- MWD Installer does not need .NET components to be installed beforehand

- MWD Installer has .NET 4.5.1 installation included

- MWD Installer has complete package of all needed components so does not neet to download them anymore.

- Fixed issue with MWD setup appearing to be stuck at 70%

- Fixed issue when Download se zip hangs up Webclient

- Fixed issue when search is not enabled at root of site

Version 2.1.033

- All client components are now built against .NET framework 4.5 or 4.5.1

- Downloading multiple folders/files at once.

- WebDAV on/off wording updated

- Fixed issue with search when FQDN is specified in share name

Version 2.1.032

- Fixed issue with setup version 2.1.031 where Multi-folder feature was not included in build (Task 509 - Multi-folder feature no included in build)

- Fixed issue with setup version 2.1.031 where unable to sign-in as user to webclient (Task 506 - Version 2.1.031 unable to sign-in as user to webclient)

Version 2.1.031

- Fixed issue with setup version 2.1.030 where MyWorkDrive Service doesn't get installed (Task 502 - 2.1.030 setup breaks nalperion licensing on Windows 2008 r2)

Version 2.1.030

- Change in web.config of the WCF service, setting parameter minFreeMemoryPercentageToActivateService="1"

- Ajax File Browser - fixed folder selection on browser refresh 

- Changing impersonation type to improve locking office files 

- Localization - Spanish, German and French Language introduction 

- Showing Access Denied message when user does renaming, deleting, updating, ... and he doesn't have permissions to do it (Task 225 - Provide User Feedback for read only permissions)

- Changing session timeout and cache time to live to 5 days 

- Changing application pool settings to recycle every 5 days and not to shut down if certain period elapses (20 minutes) and no requests come to the server

- Added javascript call to check is session alive

- Edit folder in Admin Panel changed from pop up to seperate web page 

- Added option to disable Web DAV 

- Multi-File-Folder Upload/download- possibility to Download ziped content from different browsers