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Investigate faster reverse proxy relay options

We are planing on reviewing options for improving reverse proxy relay speeds to be able to improve performance and potentially allow mapped drive usage of the domain by customers.

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People start complaining about speed retrieving or copying files.

I know that MWD does not host the files but maybe is there a factor?

If we compare DropBox, for example, uploading files to our MWD repository is hundred of times slower than DropBox...


Please note MyWorkDrive uses the network connection where your server is stored.   We recommend you setup a direct connection with your own host name and SSL certificate directly to your MyWorkDrive Server.   See section 6b of our server guide for more details: 

For this task we are investigating improving speeds for those customers who need to use our relay for Office online editing and for remote access under *  Using a reverse proxy relay does add some latency since it's not direct (traffic flows from the customers MWD Server through Azure and our reverse proxies to the end user).   We are hoping to optimize this network flow to eliminate 1 of the network hops needed to improve speeds however it will never be as fast as a direct connection.  In our experience if the customer uses a direct connection and it's slow then we recommend reviewing the network speed where the MWD Server is located and latency.   Many ISP's advertise fast speeds but their latency is horrible.   for comparison bring up a trial of MWD server in azure with a host name and SSL cert and compare client upload & download speeds and you'll find them to be very fast.

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